Thursday, May 28, 2009


A good view of the boats 

The condo we leased over the water!
Other huts over water, very nice 
Steve on our way to our island in Bora Bora
I though this little island was the cutest

Our Tahiti trip was booked over a year ago and the Steve had his stoke and we had to cancel it. So we had to go and use the rentals because they had been paid for. 
It takes forever to get there, about 20 hours of travel time. After 4 airports and layovers, but it is worth the trip.


Feb 26th
Spiders! I hate them and let me just tell you, I have a big scar to proof it. A big Brown Recluse or Fiddleback. I had the biggest ball on my back and then one day it finally exploded all that goo. spider goo!!!!!  I now spray the house very regular!!!