Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Christmas

Steph in her Salon doing Jon's hair. It was
so handy being able to touch up each others hair.

We all went to pick out the Christmas Tree.
The guy helping was so friendly and posed
for the picture.

Steph putting the final touch
on the decorated tree.

Steph just finished hanging her curtains so
we had to take pictures with our early
Christmas dinner. It was good!

We really don't have enough pictures of us
together. I really loved this one. My baby is
all grown up and has done so well.

1 comment:

Jon and Steph said...

I am so so glad that you guys were able to spend two weeks with us! I wish it could have been longer because you are right, it flew by! I love you so very much and miss you guys already! Thanks for making so many awesome dinners! I am so pumped we still have left overs!
Love you